Not Newer, but Better

In Vitsoe: A Purpose-Driven Company, Mark Adams says:

Focus on better, not on newer. Why are we obsessed with the new? We should be obsessed with better. That is what drives us at Vitsœ. After all, it is the way that the natural world operates: constantly improving, not launching new species.

Every company, every movie director, everyone tries to create something new. Very few people try to make something better. Many forgot that creating new is not the goal, it’s a byproduct of creating something good.

Maybe it has always been like this. People create new things, it’s our nature. Still, it feels today time between fashion trends is narrower.

Creating new things for the sake of being new not only brings shallowness, it also deteriorates the quality of what we already have. We destroy what has been done before and instead fill our world with novel inferiority.

Quality work requires patience, contemplation and deep thought. In the race to “innovate”, there’s little time left to pause and reflect.